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We’re not just importers, we’re producers.
And we will never cease to aim for greater heights.

It is our mission to “import attractive brands and help spur them to greater growth in Japan.”  By keeping an ear to the ground, we stay one step ahead of market changes and bring out the best in these brands, while taking a “localized” approach to produce them in a way that best fits the unique characteristics of the Japanese market.  All of our employees are well versed in the brands that we handle, and we conduct seminars and workshops for retailers to share our knowledge of the brands and their products and co-develop sales strategies to differentiate these brands from the crowd.  We’re not just importers, rather we are producers that help build brands.  What’s more, our team of professionals thoroughly pursues customer satisfaction.
We will draw on the knowledge and expertise cultivate over the past 20 years to maintain the agility and power that will enable us to keep aiming for greater heights.

Corporate philosophy

“Distribution is a creation.” We have believed it and proved it since we founded. What someone can do, someone will do. We have distributed some sport brand by our original ways. We never mind how large the brand company is or how famous the brand is, but we believe our sensibility, which is connecting to the times and the real values. Not only that, we import the philosophy and passion of the products or producers. We sometime resist the general ideas or efficient ways, which businessman loves. We know that our philosophy requires us too much energy and pain, but we believe it. Because we go straight on our own way, world’s various brands trust overwhelmingly us, and have strongly partnership with us. All their products are established in Japanese sport market, and supported by the public. No hurry, no affected, no distort, no stop. CUSTOMPRODUCE Inc. is keeping our philosophy.